Yellow Glitter Swim Ring for Pool, Beach, Lake – Inflatable Swim Tube

  • Shine with yellow sequins
  • Beautiful design
  • Eco-friendly & thick material
  • Easy to carry and setup
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Features & Compatibility

The swim ring for the pool is bright, shiny, and attractive. This yellow pool float features shimmery yellow sequin material and is filled with moving glitter that sparkles in the sunlight. It is crystal clear transparent on the top and on the bottom to enjoy the cool water time. High-quality production technology ensures that the color on it does not fall off. This is specially designed so that it can float smoothly on the water surface.

The glitter pool inflatable swim ring is beautiful! It shines, sparkles, and reflects the sun with a color-changing effect. Huge design with a special valve to stop glitter from escaping the pool tube. The compact design does not take a lot of storage space, simply open the valve, and squeeze out the remaining air to deflate.

The Glitter Pool Floating Tube is made up of thick and long-lasting premium quality vinyl which provides protection against the sun’s rays and can bear loads of weight. Its superior quality non-toxic PVC material is not allergic to skin and has no unpleasant odor.

This inflatable swim ring is lightweight and can be easily stored like a foldable umbrella, convenient to carry anywhere. Simply inflate this pool float and toss it in the pool with the rest of the colorful pool toys for the summer party. Relax, float around, and soak up the sun while lying on this vibrant pool float!

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Yellow Glitter Swim Ring

  • Made up of tough, thick, and long-lasting premium quality vinyl
  • Brilliant & bold colors
  • Easy to fold, portable
  • Quality PVC material is non-allergenic to the skin
  • Has no unpleasant odor


Easy Usage

  • High-quality production technology ensures that the color on it does not fall off
  • Easy to inflate
  • Cute and fun design
  • Sequins in the tube


Many Places to Use

  • Spot or pool party decoration
  • Relaxation
  • Lounging
  • Swimming pool celebration
  • The family get-together
  • Friends gathering time
  • Birthday gift
  • Beach party

Enjoy the Beauty of Summer!

beach pool

  • This swim ring with yellow sequins to drive around on the water during the sunny summer months.
  • The Yellow Glitter Ring pool float is fun and shiny! Each component is sized to match the whole frame and provide balance in the water.
  • This inflatable tube is perfect for pools and beaches. Simply blow it up or use an electric air pump and get to swimming. Lounge in the pool, or lounge in the lake. Wherever it is used, it promises fun and a good time.

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