Henley 4 Pcs Set Baby Rattles Teethers, Shaker Grab, and Spin Rattles Set

  • 4 Pcs
  • Cute Shape
  • Bright Colors
  • Specific Design
  • Safety Product
  • The Importance Of Early Education

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Babies are becoming aware of the function of objects. They like to stack blocks, babble into a toy phone, or drink from a ” big kid” cup. The concept of pretend play starts now. Your little one might tuck a baby doll into bed at night or make “choo choo” noises while pushing a toy train.

This lays the groundwork for preschool play, when using the oven timer in a play kitchen or ringing the bell in a pretend fire truck signifies your child’s growing understanding that each item serves a purpose.

Your baby also will begin to differentiate colors and shapes. So choose toys that are bright, colorful, and fun for little hands to hold. By age 2, most toddlers can kick a ball, scribble with a crayon, and build towers four or more blocks tall. By age 3, they can do simple puzzles and pedal a tricycle.

This baby toy helps babies develop spatial awareness while teaching them about colors, shapes, and basic counting. The colorful design encourages imaginative play and the plastic blocks are safe for chewing on.

4 Pcs Bright Primary colored Rattles/Teethers for different stages of baby’s development, Age-Specific design for your lovely baby.

Cute Shape and bright colors: Each rattle corresponds to a bear shape, bright colors stimulate the baby’s vision

Specific design: Each rattle is ergonomically designed to make it easy to hold.

The importance of early education: The first year of life is crucial for the development of your baby’s senses, fine motor skills and teeth, fine motor skills, and teething. During this period, babies develop an awareness of the world around them through vision, hearing, and touch and learn how to control their fingers and hold different objects. this set of rattles features a range of colors, sounds, and teething materials to suit your baby’s needs at different stages of their development.

Safety product: Colorful rattles, a paint-free design that allows your baby to chew on the rattles.

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