Celling Balls – 4 Sticky Wall Balls – Stress Toys Set | Anxiety and Stress Relief – Gripping Stick Ball (Glow in The Dark)

  • Completely Safe Squishy Fun
  • Countless Uses at Home
  • Self Indulge & Relax
  • Lasts for Generations
  • Cool Gift Idea


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Features & Compatibility

  • Completely Safe Squishy Fun: Masterfully made of BPA-Free & non-toxic thermoplastic rubber, these sticky stress balls are safe for the whole household. Super soft, babies and toddlers love to squeeze and throw ceiling balls. Play with loved ones and grow the bond from an early age.
  • Countless Uses at Home: Since these are both ceiling sticky balls & stress relief balls for kids, there are tons of fun uses at home. From using them to play throw catch ball with kids to sticking them on the wall and having laughs with family, so much can be done with these cute stick balls.
  • Self Indulge & Relax: This pack of 4 balls can also be used to ease anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and similar daily stresses. They are extremely practical to play stress relief games, but also as stress relief balls for kids. The soft and squishy texture allows for a comfortable grip which is ideal to calm and release some of the daily stress.
  • Lasts for Generations: Compared to the other stress balls for kids with ADHD that easily tear, we used amazing material that is highly tear-resistant and will last for years to come. Also, our balls that stick to the wall come in different vibrant colors that kids love.
  • Cool Gift Idea: As one of the best stress relief toys for anxiety and self-soothing items for kids, the stress balls squishy set is a perfect gift idea for kids.

Multiple Fun Uses

ceiling ball

  • Soft and squishy, they are an excellent way to soothe anxiety, stress, ADHD, OCD.
  • Play catch ball with family and build a bond through fun playtime,
  • Squishing these stress balls is a self-soothing and relaxing activity for kids.

strong glow

  • All 4 balls come in different vibrant colors that look even more amazing at night with the glow-in-the-dark effect.
  • This also makes them a cool and thoughtful gift idea for everybody.

Completely Safe

flexible ball

  • Have peace of mind that everybody will play and relax with stick balls that are made of BPA-Free material, which is totally safe & non-toxic.

throw ball

  • Have something to grip and play with whenever feeling blue or ready to have fun!

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