Sight Word Games for Kindergarten – Learning Toy Preschool Swat The Sight Words

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Features & Compatibility

The ultimate educational toy set with sight words kids’ reading game includes 96 Double-sided designed Fly Cards (192 Dolch sight words),36 blank fly cards,1 carry bag, and 4 Swatters.

Unlike other sight word slap games that don’t adjust the word charts, our sight word game includes 5 different age-adjusted sheets so you can play a literacy fun game according to your kid’s age.

Let them enjoy a sight word swat game that is specially designed with environmentally friendly colors and materials that are completely safe for daily use. Tons of fly swatter sight words with illustrations and engaging gameplay is sure to entertain your little angels.

Our set of sight word flashcards kindergarten and swatters come beautifully packed and are ready for gifting. Alternatively, use the sight word slap game as a learning toy gift for parents.

Compared to the traditional methods of seeing to spell sight words and making sentence games, this fun swat game for kids offers more engaging and interesting gameplay that kids love to play. At the same time, they learn and boost their vocabulary.

Is your kid having too much screen time?

fly card game

  • Introducing the Swat the Sight Words Educational Toy Set which is designed to help them learn sight words, spell, read and increase their vocabulary through a fun slap fly word game.

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.Fun design & Captivating Colors

blank flies

  • Just get this phonics games kindergarten set and show it to your kids.
  • They are sure to love the gameplay featuring 96 Double-sided designed Fly Cards (192 Dolch sight words), 36 blank fly cards,1 carry bag, and 4 Swatters.
  • Everything is colorful, cool and the first-grade sight words challenge is sure to engage & help them learn.

How to Play

kids toy learn

  • An adult calls out one sight word displayed on any of the flies. Players race to swat the matching fly first.
  • The first player to swat the correct fly keeps it.
  • The player who has collected the most flies is the winner.

Age-adjusted Levels

safe design

Pick from the 5 age-adjusted lists and word charts and let them slap with the toy fly swatter.

  • Third Grade (Purple)
  • Second Grade (Orange)
  • First Grade (Green)
  • Kindergarten (Red)
  • Pre K (Blue)

Cool Learning Activity & Gift Idea

swat game

  • A perfect addition to your homeschool learning supplies, these fun sight word games can also be added to kindergarten, preschool, daycare learning activities. And with their cool design, colorful and kid-friendly design, and practical use, they are also a great gift idea!


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