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See them learn the alphabet, numbers, and sight words in no time with the fun Montessori toys for toddlers set featuring 36 Double-sided Flashcards & 37 Wooden Blocks.
Each of the large alphabet flashcards (Alphabet A-Z) has a matching shape for the letter, a word related to it, and a gorgeous illustration that describes the word. In a simple alphabet matching game, kids need to place & match the corresponding letters on the vocabulary flashcards.
The process of seeing, reading, and then matching the letters enhances their knowledge, thinking, reading, understanding of words, shape & color recognition, and more. These toddler learning toys are thus one of the best preschool learning wooden puzzles for toddlers.
Our wooden toys are crafted from solid wood & quality colors that stay vibrant for years to come. Sturdy and comfortable to hold with round edges, the alphabet flashcards are designed to withstand the expected tear and wear.

Do you want to enable fun toddler learning activities for your kids?

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Introducing the Letter Kindergarten Flash Cards Matching Puzzle Set, which is specifically designed with 36 Double-sided Flashcards & 37 Wooden Blocks so your kids learn the alphabet faster, as well as learn to read, spell and understand sight words.

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Fun & Educational Activity

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  • Whether you play this ABC flashcard at home or introduce it as an activity for your students, kids love the fun process and requirements of the game.
  • All they need to do is see the flashcard, find the matching letter, read the animal or illustration on the flashcard, and place it.
  • In that way, they will not only learn the alphabet and boost their vocabulary, but this is also a good activity for their hand-to-eye coordination, fine motor skills, color recognition, and more.

Comfortable to Hold

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  • The flashcards are thick, yet lightweight and feature round edges for comfortable holding.
  • The wooden blocks are crafted from high-quality solid wood with fade-resistant paint.
  • When they finish playing & learning kids can store all cards and blocks in the storage box.

see it read it

  • [Due to the small risk of accidental swallowing of the letters, do not let kids unsupervised with the toys]
  • Now don’t miss one of the best alphabet matching games!
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