Furniture Markers Touch Up – Set of 13 Wood Furniture Repair Kit

  • High-quality wood markers & wax sticks
  • 6 fancy unique colors
  • Furniture wood markers kit accessories
  • Handy & easy to use
  • Worry-free guarantee


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Features & Compatibility

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Save money over damaged furniture

  • Fix it easily with our top-quality Furniture Repair Kit that is easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable. We offer a furniture repair kit that will save money over replacing damaged expensive furniture pieces.

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Make fixing little things easy

  • Make furniture look new with this easy-to-use 17-Piece Furniture Touch Up Kit.
  • These touch-up markers help hide scratches and worn edges with a simple stroke. Markers are a quick remedy for touch-ups and repairs for any piece of wood furniture.
  • Designed for use on tables, chairs, cabinets, doors, or wood shelving, quick-drying, colorfast, and long-lasting.
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Using Steps:

For superficial scratches:

Shake well before using. Remove the cap and simply run the tip over the defect.

Step 1: Clean up and choose the color that most closely matches the surface of the furniture.

Step 2: Draw over scratches with the touch-up marker directly.

For deep cracks:

Step 1: Clean up and select a suitable color of wax filler.

Step 2: Please warm the wax a bit before use to soften it, and draw over the cracks.

Step 3: Scrape off excess wax with a card.

Step 4: Retouch the surface by drawing over scratches with a touch-up marker.

Furniture Markers Touch Up have 8 Unique Colors

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6 Unique Colors

  • Both large felt-tip Markers and cover-up Wax Sticks come in 6 unique colors,
  • Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Black, White, and Gray shades to match the many colors of furniture.
  • Our Furniture Touch-Up Kit repairs and restores a plethora of surfaces such as furniture, woodwork, floors, cabinets, paneling, doors, and more. This kit comes with eight wood markers for surface imperfections and eight filler sticks for deep scratches and a sharpener. Start saving by purchasing with us today!

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Product Details

13-Piece Furniture Touch Up Kit. Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Black to match the color of furniture. Now there’s no need for a professional to retouch scuffed furniture.

Premium Quality – Touch-up Pen & Wax Sticks

  • With high-quality materials, the tip of the marker is not easy to deform and can be used for a long time.
  • Made from high-quality ink, not easy to fade. It’s a quick-drying, soaking type, not easy to get dirty.


Easy-to-use – Eay-to-fix

  • Make furniture look like new with this easy-to-use Restore color to worn edges or hide scratches in wood or wood laminate with our Furniture Touch-Up Kit. It allows to make quick touch-ups and repairs to furniture, shelving, flooringS
  • imply draw over the scratch, allow it to quickly dry, and watch the scratches disappear!


Perfect for Any Furniture!!

  • Just draw over scratch, nick, or discoloration and watch them disappear permanently, or fill gaps between wood planks with the wax crayons
  • Instantly cover Blemishes, nicks scuffs, and scratches on wood, wood-veneer, furniture, trim, cabinets, doors, frames, etc.


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  • Use the marker/pen to repair scratches, excessive wear marks, and edges where raw wood is exposed such as miter joints where two pieces of moldings meet.
  • It may take several light coats to conceal the damage completely. Excess can be removed by lightly applying some mineral spirits on a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.
  • Be sure to cap the pen following each use to prevent the felt tip from drying out.


  • The fill stick is like a crayon or putty bar and can be used to fill in nail holes, deep scratches, cuts, or gouges.
  • Simply apply the fill stick with pressure to ensure it completely fills the defect.
  • Excess can be carefully removed and smoothed to match the surface with a plastic scraper or even an old credit card.
  • The area should then be wiped with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.


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