Whac-A-Mole Game for Toddlers – Electronic Mole Bop Game

  • Realistic Arcade Game Functions
  • Skill-developing
  • Kids Interactive Toy
  • 2 Playing Modes
  • Kids-safe Quality


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Features & Compatibility

This battery-operated educational toddler game comes with authentic lights and sounds effects, including spoken words; a built-in LED display to record scores adds to the realistic electronic arcade game experience.

Challenging and highly logical interactive toy for 3-year-old boys and girls is perfect for concentration, hand-eye coordination, and sharp attention; great educational game to improve fine motor skills, cognitive development while encouraging healthy teamwork.

Whack A Mole game for kids is a classic children’s game while an educational toy for 3-year-old children to enjoy alone or with parents while competing to see who can get the best score.

Our learning game comes with 2 playing modes allowing you to increase the challenging levels as you progress with a total of 27 different speed-changing levels; 6-levels Trial mode and 21-levels Coin mode.

How to Play

  • Install 3 AA 1.5V batteries.
  • Turn the switch, there are two modes via the switch, trial play mode, and coin mode.
  • Put in the coin. (If you choose trial play mode, no need to put in the coin.)
  • Hit the mole which is lit up with the hammer.

Note: You can press the button beside the Coin slot to pause or re-start the toy.

Trial play mode: 2 levels total. Each level is divided into 3 levels, a total of 6 levels.

Coin mode: 7 levels total. Each level is divided into 3 levels, a total of 21 levels.

Each advancing a level, the flash speed of lights will be advanced a level correspondingly, the game difficulty will be increased.

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Perfect Gifts for 3-6 Year Olds

The perfect choice if you are looking for a toy for a Birthday, Easter, Children’s day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving & New Years’ for any 3 years and up boys or girls.

Package includes:

  • WHAC-A-MOLE Toy x 1
  • Hammer x 2
  • Game Coins x 6
  • User Manual x 1


  • The popular arcade game since the 1970s. Now you can bring this toddler game toy of miniature tabletop version home. It will definitely be a surprise for you kids.
  • Excellent Developmental Toy: whack a mole game are perfect for every age of 3 years, taste, and event, such as party, festival, preschool education, gifts. It can promote Hand-eye Coordination, exercise fine motor skills, enhance concentration, boost interpersonal communication by hitting the moles which were lit up. Excellent interactive toy for 3 years old boys and girls.
  • Family Time instead of Screen Time: Ditch the TV, cellphone, computer, both parents and kids, begin a whack a mole family game to increase the parent-child interactive, reignite family night. Now Don’t blink, hold your hammer, focus on the Mini Electronic Arcade Game, hit the moles which are lit up to add the score. The more this is done the higher the final score will be.
  • Fun & Safety First: The entire toddler boy toy has been certificated to be Non-Toxic and Lead/BPA/Phthalate Free by the Third-Party Lab. With smooth edges, glitch-free, unique design, and durable, make kids play it safely. Comes with 2 very soft hammers, kids will not hurt themselves. Players can chase a high score solely or challenge friends and family! 3 AA batteries are required (not included).
  • Realistic Electronic Arcade Game: The toddler game includes 2 modes: trial play mode and coin mode. Electronic health points display and scorer, authentic sound effects, cute moles, just like the original game. There are several levels, each advancing a level, the difficulty will be increased. Quickly start the game, challenge the king of the Whac-A-Mole game.

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Fun Game for 1 or 2


  • Great learning toy for kids to play solo or in pairs with included 2 soft toy hammers.
  • Easy to play by giving the moles a good bonk on the head when they light up with the rubber hammers. But you’d better be quick!
  • When the light goes out, you’ve lost a chance to score a point.

Engaging & Interactive


  • LED display to record scores
  • 2 modes with 27 levels in total
  • 7 moles with 4 different playful faces
  • Realistic electronic arcade game experience with lights and sounds
  • Suction cups to firmly hold the toy in place
  • 3 x AA 1.5V batteries required (not included)

2-Play Modes

whack a mole

  • Trial Play with 6 levels total – 2 levels, each divided into 3 levels
  • Coin Operated with 21 levels total – 7 levels, each divided into 3 levels

Perfect Gift Idea

ideal gift

  • Our practical play set makes an educational gift for toddlers for birthdays and holidays. With guaranteed hours of play, all parents will be well thrilled with this best gift for 3-year-old boys and girls while the realistic effects will amaze any child.

Educate While Playing

kids toy

Apart from being extremely fun, our toddler fine motor skill toy inspires cognitive development and brain-boosting learning through play.

  • Refines hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages parent-child interaction
  • Enhances logical and analytical skills
  • Promotes concentration and attention

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